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“With the gentle rocking of the boat, we naturally fell into a quieter reflective state, observing the tranquillity rarely encountered in the hospital. Individually, we considered the events of the past 2 years, reflecting on our roles and contributions during this tough time full of sacrifice but also hope. Prompted by our skipper, who took a keen interest in our experiences, we were encouraged to evaluate our own mental health which is too often neglected.”

Corporal Karolyne Bayliss, QARANC

If you wish to support our work, there are many ways you can get involved. The more people who support our charitable cause, the more families and vulnerable people we can help address the consequences of poor mental health.

If you would like to support our work, there are many ways you can get involved. You can…


Friends & Supporters

Make a donation

Every donation we receive helps us to support vulnerable individuals and their families, who have been blighted by the effects of poor mental health.

Be a corporate supporter

Your financial help is vital in providing long-term support for our ongoing programmes – without it we would not be able to plan for the future. Perhaps you have links to a charitable trust or foundation and you would like to make a difference to the lives of those we support by becoming a corporate supporter

Spread the word

Please tell your family, friends and colleagues about the valuable work we do here to help those affected by young persons suicide; or help us fundraise and spread the word about our aims and objectives

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