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Suicide is the biggest killer of under 35s in the UK.

The Sail2Help programme was established to raise awareness of mental health issues among young people, and importantly raise funds in order to offer much-needed support to such vulnerable people fighting a mental health battle by financially supporting Papyrus, the UK’s main suicide prevention charity for young persons, in an attempt to reduce the incidence of suicide.

In addition, the programme intended to fund a sustainable 5+ year programme to provide “escape days" for those families blighted by the terrible effects of mental health issues. An “escape day” is an opportunity for families and individuals going through really difficult times to improve their well-being and enjoy the freedom of sailing in the fresh air and make the waves of grief that usually knock them off their feet less violent.

I speak with experience having lost my eldest son George to suicide in the early days of 2020, and my elder brother, Peter nearly 30 years ago. I know how it feels to lie in bed at night sobbing until you can no longer breathe and that makes me want to help others. I can’t suggest for a moment that it won’t always hurt but sailing without responsibility might make it hurt less, but I can’t do it alone and need your help, and with your help we can help others avoid the heart ache.

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Our approach

The UK continues to face a “mental health pandemic”. The number of people seeking help because of suicidal thoughts continues to rise.

The Sail2Help programme intends to continue raising the awareness of mental health issues among young people, and importantly raise funds in order to support the UK’s main suicide prevention charity for young persons. In 2021 we were able to donate more than £20,000 to Papyrus.

In addition, we were able to conduct a six boat "escape" day for a number of nurses from the DMS Joint Hospital Group (South) so that they could have some relief from the evident strain they had been working under in support of the NHS. Our planned activity for 2022 starts with a fundraising weekend at the end of April, a Ladies day on 5 May 22, and a plan for more sailing "escape days” throughout the rest of the season, including a five boat “escape” for a different group of 30+ nurses from DMS JHG, including supper and an overnight stay afloat on 6/7 Jul 22.

Going forward it is the intention of the Trustees to raise at least £50k year on year in order to to support Papyrus and Yacht Crew Help in addition to funding more “escape days” so that families affected by suicide can leave their gut-wrenching sadness on the dockside.


"This whole experience was a metaphor for mental health and wellbeing – reiterating the importance of taking a break and working together to accomplish a common goal.”

Captain Kendal Moran QARANC
What's next?

Our Focus

Our focus, at present, is to garner funding for the long term programme and make further donations to Papyrus and Yacht Crew Help.

So far we have raised £27,518 from which we will make further donations to Papyrus and Yacht Crew Help.  We are working hard on our application to the Charity Commission to obtain charitable status so that we can unlock further sources of funding. Our application number is 5193413.

Our application was submitted in early January and confirmation from the Charity Commission was received on 22 January 2022.  Until we receive registration as a CIO Just Giving is the only means of receiving money.  We have set up a separate bank account, trading as Sail2Help, to ensure full transparence of all transactions, and use of your generous donations. Until we are recognised, our Governance is governance-in-waiting.

Our approach to the prevention of young suicide is 3 phase:



To obtain further funding for the long term Sail2Help programme, and to make further cash donations to Papyrus.



To deliver of a number of “Escape Days” for families affected by this terrible illness on the Solent this year, and in the future also using trusted service providers in the South of England.



To help introduce young persons to a career in the maritime sector, under Red, White, Blue or Flagged State Ensign, by partnering with appropriate Service providers and to offer mentoring and/or scholarships as appropriate.

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