Crew Suicide Spurs on Sail2Help Charity

The tragic suicide of Captain Adam Hart prior to Christmas and then in January, that of a young 21 year old stewardess, Imogen Amesbury, straddling the second anniversary of his own son, George’s death, has got Captain Tim Davies even more fired up than usual as he pushes forward with his efforts at sail2help to draw awareness into the effects of poor mental health within the superyacht Industry.

Adam Hart was a young successful Captain from Bournmouth who, at the time of his suicide, was the rotational Captain on board 56 metre support yacht Power Play. He had, in the past, been the Master on board a raft of well run yachts that include Vantage, Advantage Go and Latitude. It was while serving on the first two that he enjoyed life cruising around the South Pacific from French Polynesia to the Solomon islands.

Imogen Amesbury, from Lyme Regis, had been serving as a stewardess onboard a 40 metre superyacht when she killed herself in January 2022.

A former student at Queens College Taunton she left with a string of A levels in 2019 and attended UKSA before taking her first job at sea.

 For one so young, she claimed to have a sensible head on her shoulders and said she was looking to dedicate herself to a long career in the Super Yacht Industry. She said, I am ready to be moulded into a professional and valued crew member. I am actively seeking out someone to see my potential and allow me the opportunity to roll up my sleeves, work hard and learn quickly from my superiors. I will go the extra mile in order to demonstrate my worth and become a valuable asset to the Crew and Guests. I am fit, respectful and willing. I pride myself on immaculate presentation, being straight forward and trustworthy. I like to laugh and can be relied upon to remain cheerful under pressure. I am articulate and well spoken and ready to go.”

“It is only when you read about these crew that you begin to question what is being done to protect our young crews from being blighted by the effects of poor mental health, and the sadness of young suicide which often ensues,” says Davies. That is why I created SAIL2HELP in a bid to drum up support. He adds, “This coming year I have high hopes of raising more money, raising awareness and fulfilling the other objectives within our constitution.”

“I hadn’t fully appreciated, while hiding under my desk sobbing and mourning my son for so many months, just how much time I wasted being depressed! I should have reached out for help sooner but didn’t, and I will admit it could have gone the other way had it not been for the close friendship of those who I would otherwise have let down.”

This year we are planning a privately funded cross-channel sailing weekend to Channel Islands to promote SAIL2HELP. In May we will host Ladies Day, another privately funded evening dinner and accommodation followed by a days sailing in the Solent, and at least 3 more Escape Days.

These escape day events are forfamilies blighted by suicide and for hospital staff under pressure. Using the facilities of AVRO Yachting we will enter the famous Round the Island Race with a crew of persons affected by suicide and to promote SAIL2HELP.

Superyacht crew who are able to help by donating to this worthy cause can do so by clicking here.

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